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Toothache 10 Natural Remedies

abril 9, 2019


👨🏻⚕ Toothache Natural Remedies👦🏻

💁🏻♂Toothache- Yes you want to alleviate toothache in a natural way, correct oral hygiene is essential, which you can combine with the application of several natural remedies.

☝🏻🧑🏻A Toothache is one of the worst discomforts we may experience in our lifetime, and also a symptom to which we should pay close attention because it can be a warning sign that something is not quite right in the mouth.

👦🏻⚕This type of condition is characterized by severe, dull, throbbing pain that may increase with the passage of time and may even be accompanied by other symptoms in the rest of the body.

🙆🏻♂Today It is easy to treat this problem and discover its origin, thanks to the advances in technology and the preparation that dentists have gone through.

🧑🏻🔬Without However, it may be the case where you are not close to an office or cannot acquire pain relief medications. Therefore, it is worth knowing some home remedies and those ingredients that may be present in the home for an emergency.


1.🧑🏻⚕Hygiene adequate oral:* _One of the first measures we should take in the event of a toothache is complete and adequate oral hygiene. Many times the origin of the discomfort is a concentration of bacteria in teeth, gums or tongue, which will have to be attacked in order to eliminate them.

Natural Remedies

☺ How to do it?

👦🏻Starts passing a little dental floss over the tooth that causes you pain and make sure that there is no food residue left, then brush as usual and finish with a mouthwash.

2.🌿Parsley:➡Esta plant has anti-inflammatory compounds that decrease the disorder in the affected area, especially when it also suffers from inflammation.

🌿How to use it?

🌿👉🏻Take Some fresh parsley and chew it several times a day This will soothe the pain and is ideal for neutralizing bad breath.

3.🍚Sal:➡This ingredient has an antiseptic power capable of relieving pain when it is caused by an abscess or an infection derived from a food decomposed between the teeth.

🍚 How to use it?

👉🏻Diluye A spoonful of salt in half a small glass of water and use it to gargle after each meal.

4.♨Ajo:➡Has a powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory action, so garlic is one of the best ingredients to fight the infections and pains derived from them.

♨ How to use it

♨👉🏻Crushed a little garlic to concentrate its juice and then apply it directly to the affected tooth and gum.

5.☕Té black:➡Tiene an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, thanks to its high content of tannic acid, an active ingredient that calms toothache.

Remedies Natural

☕ How to use it?

☕👉🏻Prepares a bag of black tea in hot water and then apply it at room temperature to the painful area.

6.🌿Paico:➡El paico numbs the affected area with the patient’s pain.

🌿How to use it?

🌿👉🏻Only You should take a branch of paico and chew it very well until the tooth numbs.

7.🌴Nails of olor➡Esta a spice so used in the preparation of different recipes contains a substance called eugenol that works as an excellent sedative to calm toothache.

🌾 How to use it?

_🥢👉🏻You can Apply a clove directly to the affected tooth for a few minutes. You can also put about 5 cloves in a portion of mouthwash and use it three times a day.

8.🍸Juice lemon:➡El lemon has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that improve overall oral health by preventing and fighting different types of infections.

🍋 How to use it?

🍋👉🏻Expresses the juice of a lemon and apply it on the affected tooth. Another option is to use its juice combined with a little salt to gargle.

9.🌰Onion:➡El Onion juice has a concentration of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory compounds that support the desinflamación of the affected tooth.

🌰 How to use it?

🌰👉🏻Short a small piece of onion and place it in the painful tooth, squeezing it to release its juice.

🍶 How to use it?

10.🍶Water Oxygenated for toothache:➡ A little oxygenated water can serve as a treatment if the pain is caused by an infection and is accompanied by bad breath or halitosis.

🍶👉🏻Moistened a cotton swab in this water and apply it to the tooth. you can also prepare a mouthwash by mixing one part of this ingredient with three parts of water.


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