Slimming -The Best Natural Remedies for Losing Weight


Slimming- Here is a list of natural home remedies that will help you decrease the presence of fat in the body.

That health comes through the mouth is a pretty accurate phrase. And that the more natural your diet, the better, too. That’s why if you have a few extra pounds or you’re really overweight, as well as visiting a specialist and opting for a certified diet to lose weight, modify eating habits and include some foods that are already decreasing the fat in your body is a good initiative.

Quick Fat Loss Tips- Slimming

*Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the best homemade antidotes to fight obesity. It helps to progress digestion and helps detoxification. Healthy digestion is an essential prerequisite for weight loss, as it helps your body achieve the best results.

Precise nutrients to burn fat. In addition to this, it helps remove toxins from your body that slow down your metabolism.

Mix three tablespoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of black powdered pepper in a glass of water (if you use freshly ground black pepper, you should only add a quarter of a teaspoon).
Take it in the morning on an empty stomach.
Do this every day for at least three months.
Alternatively, you can drink a cup of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice.


Aloe is really useful in the treatment of obesity, since it stimulates metabolism, increases energy consumption, and mobilizes unused fat in the body. It contains natural collagen proteins that make the body work harder with the goal of absorbing proteins. In addition to this, it helps to suppress toxins from the digestive system and colon.

Take two fresh aloe leaves, peel them, and then remove the pulp.
Put it in a blender as well as a cup of citrus juice, such as orange juice or grapefruit, or simply water.
Mix for two to three minutes.
Drink during the day, at least for a month.

*Green Tea

Green tea is another popular natural antidote to encourage weight loss. Research from Pennsylvania State University found that epigallocatechina-three-gallate (EGCG), a compound found in green tea, helps slow weight gain by limiting fat absorption and increasing the body’s ability to use fat.

In addition to this, green tea is packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, carotenoids, zinc, selenium, chromium and other minerals.

Drink three to four cups of green tea a day to fight obesity.
They can also be paired with ginger tea or cayenne pepper.

*Curry leaves

You should eat 10 fresh leaf curry daily in the morning hours as an aiurvedic antidote to deal with obesity and diabetes caused by obesity. Continue this treatment on a regular basis for at least 3 to 4 months.

Research shows that curry leaves possess mahanimbine, an alkaloid that has anti-obesity properties and hypolipemic effects. Therefore, it helps to reduce anatomical weight and reduces total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


You should eat two tomatoes every morning on an empty stomach. Be sure to eat the husks and seeds as long as they have dietary fiber. Tomatoes have compounds that tend to disrupt the levels of hormones that affect hunger.

On the other hand, it is rich in vitamins A, C and K and magnesium, manganese, choline, folic acid and other nutrients, which are good for your health. In addition to this, they are packed with antioxidants that guard against cancer.

*Cabbage or cabbage

Make raw or boiled cabbage an integral part of your weight-loss diet. Contains tartaric acid that inhibits the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fats. In addition to this, it is rich in vitamin C and low in calories, higher in fiber and water content.

Being a cruciferous vegetable, it contains phytochemicals that assist in thriving estrogen metabolism imbalance that not only causes your body to store fat, but also encourages breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and others. Other cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and chard are advantageous in this regard.

*Honey and cinnamon tea

Include honey and cinnamon tea in your diet to increase your metabolism, your energy, and detoxify your body. All of these effects help you lose weight. Honey combats obesity through the promotion of fat metabolism. Cinnamon helps avoid overeating by combating insulin resistance and also reduces oxidative stress associated with metabolic syndrome.


Pour a cup of hot water with half a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon (cinnamon sticks may also be used).
Let rest for half an hour.
Mix one teaspoon of organic honey.
Take half of it in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast. Store the rest in the refrigerator and take it at night before going to bed.
As well as these antidotes, be sure to drink 8 glasses of water during the day to remove toxins from your body.

Slimming – Slimming

Insomnia- Natural remedies for insomnia


Insomnia- if you can’t sleep and it’s hard for you to fall asleep, put a stop with these solutions (without side effects) and rest better.

Insomnia- Lack of sleep deprives us of well-being. But sometimes problems occupy our minds just when the light goes out. We propose you natural remedies so that you can sleep at ease and deeply at night.

Soothing plants and aromas

Many plants have calming and sleeping properties: linden, poppy, valerian, passionflower, hawthorn, orange blossom Take them as an infusion, extract (drops) or capsules to be swallowed with water.

Certain fragrances can help you fall asleep: lavender, violet, linden, myrtle… The leaves or flores you can keep them in a small bag that you will attach to the pillow or to the cover on the inside.

Take a bath before going to sleep

A ten-minute bath in lukewarm water (34-35°C) before going to bed will exert a sedative action on the nervous system.

Add to the water any of the plants mentioned above the effect will be greater.

You can also add tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate, which makes the water more alkaline and acts as a tranquilizer of the nervous network found in the epidermis.

Choose your homeopathy

If you wake up around 3:00 in the morning: Nux vomits, Thuya.

You feel some agitation: Arsenicum, Gelsemium, Zincum.

If you have heart palpitations: Spigelia (before midnight), Phosphorus (after midnight), Arsenicum.

On the other hand, you feel jolts when you fall asleep: Gelsemium, Lachesis, Ignatia.

If you lack sleep because you have experienced pleasant emotions during the day, take Coffea.

Sheep Account

Counting sheep works: it is a technique that occupies both hemispheres of the brain at the same time and we literally fall asleep out of boredom.

Another possibility is to imagine that the thoughts that disturb us are like clouds crossing the sky. Do nothing, refuse to follow them, just observe them. Soon the clouds will disappear, the sky will be empty and, without knowing how, you will fall asleep.

Get a refreshing night’s sleep

fall asleep

If you don’t sleep well, the next day you have 25 percent less energy. Remedy him with these anti-insomnia guidelines

During the night’s rest the body and mind rest and organic detoxification processes are carried out, appropriate memorization of the day’s experiences and wound healing. Not sleeping properly prevents psychoneuromuscular renewal and weakens the body’s defensive capacity.

Certain cardiovascular, digestive, dermatological or nervous disorders may be a consequence of lack of sleep. Conversely, insomnia may indicate the onset of a disease. Lack of rest basically prevents the body from recovering.

Those who have slept badly spend 25% more energy during the day to do the same work. This generates accumulation of fatigue and irritability, poor digestion, lack of concentration or decreased libido, even memory impairment.

Conjunctivitis- Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis


Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis- Among the most frequent ophthalmic diseases is conjunctivitis, perhaps because it is easily contagious. So preventing this infectious disease will always be the best option. The eyes are really sensitive to pollution since their Ph is different from the rest of the body. So the most advisable is the careful cleaning of them.

The home remedies to clean the eyes daily and adequately are very useful, however. When you reach the status of infection should go to an ophthalmologist who will surely indicate treatment for the early recovery, since some Home remedies may increase the severity of infection once the virus has been acquired.

Now, below are the home remedies that really favor cleaning and care of the health of the eyes, especially when it suffers from conjunctivitis.

First, being the most used, is chamomile. This small flower is an excellent ally to facilitate the cure of the eye that has suffered the infection. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore can decrease the inflammation caused by conjunctivitis.

In Addition, chamomile also possesses antiseptic properties so it can be used to clean the eye when it has excess drainage. In fact, you can prepare an infusion of chamomile with a tablespoon of it in a cup of boiling water. Which having left to rest can be used to clean the closed eye about three times a day using a sterile gauze that should be discarded once it is Passed through the eye.

On the other hand, it should be taken into account that in the case of conjunctivitis. Chamomile should be used as an adjuvant of ophthalmic treatment and applied with utmost care to not worsen the infection of the eye.

Cold water to deflate the eye
The cold water cools the eye in the middle of the itching and inflammation of the conjunctivitis. As with chamomile infusion. Extreme care must be taken when cleaning the eye with it, especially not to pass the infection from one eye to the other. Remember that conjunctivitis, whether bacterial or viral, is highly contagious.

Carrot helps
Carrot compress is considered to act as a natural anti-inflammatory, helping to combat the symptoms of this disease. It is suggested to squeeze the juice of the carrot with a juice extractor. Then soak the sterile gauze on this juice and clean the closed eye and previously cleaning the eye with physiological serum, thus avoiding worsening the infection.

Green Tea
One of the easiest home remedies to get, prepare and apply is green tea. Its bioflavonoids have the capacity to reduce inflammation and at the same time fight viral and bacterial infections.

Green tea also contains certain antioxidants that help detoxify the eye from aggressions caused by certain allergenic chemicals that regularly worsen the degree of conjunctivitis.

In addition to conjunctivitis, green tea helps to improve the appearance of dark circles, to soothe tired eyes and to reduce the inflammation of styes. Since its application through sterile gauze compresses considerably improves the irritation that is a product of conjunctivitis, thus refreshing the affected eye.

Salt water
Salt water has the virtue of keeping at bay the proliferation of bacteria in the eyes, this is because its composition is usually very similar to that of physiological serum. So another option for home remedy is to use salt water in order to clean the traces of conjunctivitis of the eyes.

Of course, you should avoid the use of cloths, towels or any material capable of absorbing and retaining the infection. Do not forget that conjunctivitis is highly contagious to such an extent that if only one eye is sick. The other can be infected very easily with the slightest contact.

For this reason it is so important to use the appropriate materials that must be subsequently discarded, as is the case of sterile gauze.

Does breast milk treat conjunctivitis?

A very popular belief that spans the length and breadth of nets is to use breast milk as an adjuvant to the treatment of conjunctivitis. However, there is no scientific basis for such a recommendation.

Indeed, using it could be more counterproductive than beneficial, since it could aggravate the condition of the infection and in the case of small infants. The degree of it could cause blindness, so when suffering any type of infection is important to consult a doctor of confidence.

Those who support the recommendation of the use of breast milk argue that it contains substances with curative properties that can help alleviate inflammation, but. Among some studies on the action of breast milk in case of infection. Was found that it not only does not have the ability to cure the infection. But can also introduce in the eye a new accumulation of bacteria.

In this study carried out at the San Francisco General Hospital, a sample of the milk of 23 completely healthy mothers was used. This sample was carefully examined in order to come to a more accurate conclusion about its effect. Or incidence on the most common causes of conjunctivitis. In addition, the milk was subjected to a series of cultures to find out what type of bacteria were present in the breast milk.

The effect of milk on certain bacteria was compared to some antibiotics. And the results obtained were not as beneficial as those obtained by their counterpart. It was also concluded that the type of bacteria found in milk did have the ability to produce new eye infections.

Tips for preventing and improving eye health
Because of this and because there are hundreds of tips for healing conjunctivitis with home remedies. It is important to be clear that they can certainly alleviate certain symptoms of conjunctivitis, however. If it is not the main cause of this disease in vain would be applying these home remedies.

Ophthalmologists agree that to prevent conjunctivitis it is important to clean the eyes daily with sterilized elements. As well as moisturize and refresh them to avoid any dryness that develops another type of eye disease. Taking good care of the cleanliness and hydration of the eyes can help in the regeneration of the barrier that naturally protects each eye.

It is worth noting that when cleaning the eyes must also take extreme care of hand hygiene. In addition the proper cleaning of contact lenses will be equally crucial to the health of the eyes. Of course, if you suffer from allergic conjunctivitis, any contact with the allergen causing the infection should be avoided at all costs.

Ophthalmologists advise that the best way to clean the eyelids is with physiological serum. This serum is nothing more than a sterile solution that is characterized by having the same amount of salt found in the blood. Making it indispensable for countless uses in traditional medicine.

This serum is favorable for the cleaning of the eyes because it is sterile as already mentioned, and also does not cause any damage to the eyes. But likewise should be taken care of hand hygiene when applying it and should be applied with a gauze equally sterile.

Another thing to consider is the use of make-up removers. Since all people who make up their eyes must remove all traces of makeup from them to prevent future infections caused by eye contamination. It should also be taken care of what type of products are placed on the eyes, being especially attentive. Of the date of expiration of these products.

Conjunctivitis Home Remedies.

Powerful Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Powerful Natural

Powerful Natural- The fight against diabetes is for life, but supported by nature it may be easier to live with this disease.

Powerful Natural- Natural remedies against diseases such as diabetes are sometimes more effective than pharmaceuticals for a very important reason: we can consume them every day without long-term health impacts.

Diabetes is an old disease that, however, did not become a pandemic until well into the 20th century. This ties in with the times when food became a big industry, changing eating habits on a global scale.

The body’s nutritional requirements have not changed much since ancient times, but we have forced our bodies to unprecedented limits, eating huge amounts of food such as sugar, which has been classified as “the most dangerous drug in history”. Although diabetes is not directly produced by sugar consumption, sugar consumption is the main cause of obesity, which facilitates diabetes by producing insulin resistance in the body.

With these and many other data we can give an idea of the importance of food in the treatment of diabetes, and how food can be the cause of the disease or the best natural remedy against diabetes. That’s why many experts recommend a green diabetes diet. But in addition, there are many other colours of food that can help us, and other natural remedies against diabetes that we surely have at home and can use, or that are even in unsuspected places… as in the cosmos.


Powerful Natural

This spice helps the production of insulin and lowers sugar levels. Use it as much as you can: tea, drinks, or even taking a teaspoon directly for 40 days.


Powerful Natural

If the day is clear, make the most of it! The sun is linked to the proper functioning of vitamin D in the body, which in turn helps produce more insulin. Who would think the sun would be one of the natural remedies for diabetes?

Powerful Natural Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Among its countless benefits, aloe vera can help fight diabetes because of its content of phytosterols, which have antiglucemic properties, something especially beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes. The best way to use this magic plant is to drink it, prepare it as juice or infusion.

Curry leaves

Curry leaves

Chewing these leaves is a traditional and reliable way to reduce the symptoms of diabetes. Thanks to its effect, which prevents starches from turning into simple sugars such as glucose, this leaf can help patients with diabetes. It also helps reduce cholesterol levels and obesity, making it a potent preventive as well as an optimal natural remedy against diabetes.



Some studies have suggested that the skin of grapes contains an extract that helps inhibit hyperglycemic activity. They also serve to avoid the anxiety of eating something sweet, although their fructose content should not be consumed in excess.



This root from Asia and Africa helps, among other things, to control the level of sugars in the blood by converting glucose into muscle cells without the help of insulin. You can prepare it in tea, grate it in drinks or use it as a dressing in stews or salads.

Natural Remedies for Diabetes Powerful Natural



This cactus also reduces blood sugar levels, thanks to some substances and its amount of fiber, which makes nopal one of the best natural remedies against diabetes, and is also 100% Mexican. You can prepare it in many ways; for example, asado, or in juices and smoothies.

Green Tea

Green Tea

This millenary drink contributes to increasing insulin sensitivity and avoiding common cardiovascular problems. If you are bored with hot drinks, you can also prepare it as a smoothie.

As you can see, there are many natural diabetes remedies you can implement that are as delicious as a sunbath or a nutritious aloe vera juice. Do you know any other remedies? Share them with the community!Natural Remedies for Diabetes Powerful Natural

Natural Anti-inflammatory to Pain



NATURAL- Inflammation of a knee due to joint wear, or experiencing pain in the fingers or toes are common processes that almost always force us to resort to a drug to eliminate the discomfort.

However, there are wonderful natural anti-inflammatory drugs that can alleviate joint pain very effectively. Obviously, we should always follow medical prescriptions first, but when you are at home and feel the need to take a sedative or the classic ibuprofen, first resort to these natural anti-inflammatories. You will see what relief they offer!

1- Rosemary


Rosemary is an aromatic and medicinal herb very common in the Mediterranean diet, which provides a characteristic taste to dishes and is also widely used in all types of home remedies. Did you also know that it has the property of acting in the same way as a painkiller? It is great for reducing all types of joint pain.

This is basically due to the fact that its composition contains ursolic acid, which effectively combats this type of infection that occurs around the cartilage or in the joints of hands and knees, and without causing any side effects.

Natural Antiinflammatory to Pain


200 grams of rosemary.
2 glasses of water (400 ml).
All you have to do is make an infusion. When the water is boiling, add the sprigs of rosemary to distil the properties for 20 minutes. After that time, let it rest. You can have two cups a day.

2- Horsetail


You can get ponytail in pharmacies and natural specialty shops. The wonderful thing about ponytail is that, in addition to being one of the best natural anti-inflammatory drugs, it is a plant that provides us with numerous minerals and vitamins. How to take it? In infusion, twice a day. You will do very well!

3- Turmeric


This spice, originally from Asia and which brings an attractive colour to our meals, is fabulous for treating joint pain. Don’t hesitate to try it before resorting to ibuprofen when you feel pain.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant properties, it combats all these infectious processes in which our body must repair, and detoxifies any wounded tissue. To benefit from turmeric, you can prepare a rich infusion as follows:

One tablespoon of turmeric (20 grams).
3 cups water (750 ml).
3 tablespoons honey (60 grams).
We’ll start by heating the water. When you see that it has started to boil, add the tablespoon of turmeric. You will see that the water immediately takes on a very attractive yellowish colour. Let it boil for 10 minutes and then let it rest.

Next step? Strain the contents and add the three tablespoons of honey. We can drink regularly throughout the day to treat inflammation and joint pain. Very easy!

4- Ginger


We’re sure you already guessed that ginger was going to appear on this list. This medicinal root is possibly one of the best natural anti-inflammatories, very suitable also to treat processes related to joint pain.

So, on the days you suffer from that suffering, do not hesitate to prepare the next remedy.

200 grams of grated ginger root.
Two glasses of water (400 ml).
2 spoonfuls of honey.
As in the previous examples, we will make an infusion with the medicinal plant. In this case, when the water is boiling, add the ginger to cook for 20 minutes. After that time, let it rest for 10 minutes and then strain the contents.

The next step is to add the two spoonfuls of honey. As you can see, honey is an essential ingredient in this type of remedy because, thanks to its natural properties, it also effectively combats all types of joint pain. Remember to drink two cups a day. It will give you good results.

5- Flax or flaxseed

Flax or flaxseed

Linseed can easily be found in natural specialty stores. They are inexpensive and act as natural anti-inflammatories to treat joint pain for the following:

For its composition based on Omega-3 of natural origin. Thanks to this, we strengthen our immune system and help our body to combat those infections that are created around the joints. It is worth remembering that, when taking Omega-3, it will always be more advisable that it be of vegetable origin because, if it comes from animal fats, we will get the opposite, ie “inflamed”.

How do we take linseed? We will take two spoonfuls daily (about 40 grams). You can take them naturally or by adding them to your salads, but never cook them, because then we will lose a large part of that Omega-3 and, in addition, we will digest them badly. So, remember: take them naturally every day, like those vitamins you get used to and take care of us. It will always be more appropriate to use these natural anti-inflammatories first than ibuprofen. However, follow every recommendation given to you by your doctor.