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Liver cysts cause and treatment

mayo 10, 2019

Liver cysts treatment and their causes.

Liver cysts- The development of cysts at the hepatic level almost always like kidney cysts come from the use of drug medications. For example if you are one of the people who use drugs to relieve the pain of arthritis from osteoarthritis. If you frequently suffer from headaches if you suffer from arthralgias joint pains in general and use some pills.

Let’s say as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesic there are so many or even acetaminophen. These products are processed in the liver as part of its metabolites that affect the parenchyma. Let’s say the liver’s own tissue will also affect the kidneys. The processing of these chemicals facilitates the development of cysts.

And once those cysts develop it is very difficult to make them disappear, you have to stop using these products. Eat a nutritious diet free of irritants such as chili, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, vinegar, ketchup, mayonnaise.

In order for that to benefit you, we removed a processing load from the liver by removing all those irritating products. And it makes it easier for your own constituent tissue to stay healthy just like in the kidneys. That way we can make it possible for those cysts not to grow and very likely to disappear.


High blood pressure.

If you are using medications and now have high blood pressure, you should not stop using your medications at this time. Let’s start making adjustments first in factors that can help the doctor slowly reduce the doses of the products.

And those products if it is possible to eliminate it but take note first. You should use only a day as much as half a teaspoon of salt distributed a day. You can not exceed that amount because the amount of milligrams of salt you use. The presence of sodium has much to do with the increase in blood pressure.

If you eat Alaskan salmon and eat cod and salted products, it will make it easier for you to continue to suffer from your blood pressure. And on the other hand you think of other products that have hidden sodium, such as baking products and sodium bicarbonate.

Hidden sodium: Let’s say you like biscuits or cakes. What are the different types of baked goods that are bread say cookies and all that baking products that use baking soda, baking powder.

Generally they have sodium and products should be avoided then be very careful and try not to use those foods. For example, they are high in sodium.


Let’s say: if you like sodium monoglutamate especially to Chinese food that has a good amount of that product you should not use it as well. Then if you are overweight or obese or have this overweight or obesity it will facilitate an increase in peripheral resistance which imposes a load on the heart or which has to boost with greater force the blood volume of the left ventricle and this will make the blood pressure rise to this add passivity if a person who is not really physically very active is not exercised.

It’s not a matter of going for a walk once a week on Sundays that doesn’t work should do an active exercise for at least 30 minutes. For 6 days a week, that’s going to help a lot as peripheral endurance begins to decrease. Because it facilitates a greater opening to the arterioles of the extremities. If it is a lady who is subject to a lot of physical tension, a lot of emotional tension, if you have a 12-hour work shift.

If you have two jobs during the day if she is very stressed because she is the one who takes the children she picks them up then she has piano lessons, from there she has to go out to do the supermarket shopping you have to go back to cook and then wash again, iron.


And there are no other situations in which they have to take care of their parents, return to the house to pick up their children in the afternoon and return to make the meal, in other words, there are a series of factors that have to be taken into account before they can directly work with the drugs.

I am sure that if these factors begin to be regulated, the doctor who prescribed the antihypertensives will be able to start reducing the doses or even eliminating the antihypertensives also keep in mind that increasing the consumption of garlic is very beneficial for these patients.

Liver cysts


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