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Insomnia- Natural remedies for insomnia

abril 14, 2019

Insomnia- if you can’t sleep and it’s hard for you to fall asleep, put a stop with these solutions (without side effects) and rest better.

Insomnia- Lack of sleep deprives us of well-being. But sometimes problems occupy our minds just when the light goes out. We propose you natural remedies so that you can sleep at ease and deeply at night.

Soothing plants and aromas

Many plants have calming and sleeping properties: linden, poppy, valerian, passionflower, hawthorn, orange blossom Take them as an infusion, extract (drops) or capsules to be swallowed with water.

Certain fragrances can help you fall asleep: lavender, violet, linden, myrtle… The leaves or flores you can keep them in a small bag that you will attach to the pillow or to the cover on the inside.

Take a bath before going to sleep

A ten-minute bath in lukewarm water (34-35°C) before going to bed will exert a sedative action on the nervous system.

Add to the water any of the plants mentioned above the effect will be greater.

You can also add tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate, which makes the water more alkaline and acts as a tranquilizer of the nervous network found in the epidermis.

Choose your homeopathy

If you wake up around 3:00 in the morning: Nux vomits, Thuya.

You feel some agitation: Arsenicum, Gelsemium, Zincum.

If you have heart palpitations: Spigelia (before midnight), Phosphorus (after midnight), Arsenicum.

On the other hand, you feel jolts when you fall asleep: Gelsemium, Lachesis, Ignatia.

If you lack sleep because you have experienced pleasant emotions during the day, take Coffea.

Sheep Account

Counting sheep works: it is a technique that occupies both hemispheres of the brain at the same time and we literally fall asleep out of boredom.

Another possibility is to imagine that the thoughts that disturb us are like clouds crossing the sky. Do nothing, refuse to follow them, just observe them. Soon the clouds will disappear, the sky will be empty and, without knowing how, you will fall asleep.

Get a refreshing night’s sleep

fall asleep

If you don’t sleep well, the next day you have 25 percent less energy. Remedy him with these anti-insomnia guidelines

During the night’s rest the body and mind rest and organic detoxification processes are carried out, appropriate memorization of the day’s experiences and wound healing. Not sleeping properly prevents psychoneuromuscular renewal and weakens the body’s defensive capacity.

Certain cardiovascular, digestive, dermatological or nervous disorders may be a consequence of lack of sleep. Conversely, insomnia may indicate the onset of a disease. Lack of rest basically prevents the body from recovering.

Those who have slept badly spend 25% more energy during the day to do the same work. This generates accumulation of fatigue and irritability, poor digestion, lack of concentration or decreased libido, even memory impairment.


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