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Circulation – circulatory problems in the legs

mayo 12, 2019


Circulation- Leg problems


Circulation- Circulatory problems in the legs that have an inflammation in the can, yes! we are talking about a very special tissue, the tensor of the fascia lata. These are tissues that cover muscles and in this type of situation. As this organ is called, the application of hot and cold compresses may be recommended for inflammation.


This has a benefit sometimes unsuspected by people. Applying warm compresses first attracts a good amount of blood to the arteries. It brings a substantial amount of those elements that are repairing by bringing that circulation into that area. A good amount of these substances begin to emerge and reach the affected tissue. And when the cold compress is applied then the pain is reduced and the inflammation is reduced there is a double benefit.


But this application of hot contrast hydrotherapy for one cold minute for 20 seconds is essential. Heat again for one cold minute for 20 seconds alternately. Uninterruptedly about 20 consecutive applications is a lapse of approximately 5 minutes.


23 to 25 minutes to go down a lot and a lot of relief, if two in the morning and you can repeat in the afternoon. Remember very well also therapies or physiotherapy are recommended. They are very important that you take them, also in addition to that I can use the tablets of turmeric of 500 milligrams. That will help you to further reduce the inflammation in finished general rest application of that contrast hydrotherapy that was explained. The use of turmeric is the lark that comes in tablets of 500 milligrams.




Other Topic: Person suffering from anxiety.


The first thing I’ll tell you, if you’re in psychiatric treatment I didn’t abandon you, don’t stop using it. If I can recommend something that you can do additionally.


Try within your ability to exercise as best you can during the day. It is that you can go for a walk at your tolerance pace. In a flat place in a place where other people who are aware of you can observe it is very important.


Exercise is a stress release valve and this is very important for you to be able to dissipate that type of anxiety. Walk at least if you can do it after each meal much better. Walk only by walking to dispel those tensions by feeling the fresh wind. For listening to birds, for seeing the clouds of the sky, for seeing trees, for seeing people.


This will help to distract your mind so that you elevate your thoughts to God who grants you life, who continually draws you near and bestows so many blessings on you. This is something very pleasant if while you walk you can pray to raise your thought to heaven and thank you sir for the food thank you. For the air thank you for the beautiful day thank you, for the birds that are singing in the human being and praise you also thank you, for the fresh, thank you for the existence.


People who suffer from anxiety.


And as long as your heart is filled with thanksgiving let your lips lift up a praise as God, if you know hymns even if it is short. But sing, you will notice that it has an anti-anxiety therapeutic effect and helps, it is soothing besides that you can go to bed early every night.


Nothing replaces the rest of the night, our neurons suffer the processes of repair in the early hours of the night, if I go to bed at 8 and already 2 in the morning is awake. It doesn’t matter, take advantage of the first hours, if you wake up at that time kneel down, and if at 3 o’clock in the morning you say good pray enough, well go to bed.


THE Lord is going to grant you peace of mind in your heart in writing with clarity to avoid anxiety you should remember those passages like first Peter 5:7 casting all your anxiety on him, because he takes care of you. says Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but let your petitions be known before God in all prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving.


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